What are the most effective exercise machines for losing weight on your thighs?

The most effective leg exercisers. If we talk about leg exercisers, then we immediately need to divide them into several categories, or rather into two categories: aerobic exercise equipment and strength exercise equipment. The type of simulator you need depends on what your overall goals are.

If you want to lose weight, keep your muscles and body in good shape, then aerobic exercise equipment is more suitable for you. Well, if your goal is hypertrophy and leg strength, then you need to pay attention to strength training equipment, of which there is a huge range. Which exercise equipment do we classify as cardio and which as strength training?



The treadmill is one of the best cardio exercises for the legs, if not the best. Of course, it takes up space, but on the other hand, any exercise machine takes up space. Many people, beginners and experienced athletes, runners install a treadmill at home and train productively. There are several types of treadmills - to get the maximum effect from your workout and have a pleasant workout, you need to buy an electric treadmill.

Exercise bike

Now you can move on to exercise bikes. This is also a very good option, but it has a slight drawback. It, of course, does not reach the level of a treadmill for the reason that you are sitting - fewer muscles work and fewer calories are burned. However, if you like an exercise bike, then why not use it. You can first check its convenience in the hall, and then, if you like it, buy it for home.


Well, we all know what a bicycle is. A bicycle has its own advantages over an exercise bike. With a bicycle you get a natural change of loads due to ups and downs. You breathe more freely because you are in fresh air. Not only does cycling help burn calories, but it also helps improve your mood.


There are several types of steppers. A great option that is very common is the ministepper. It consists of two pedals, training on which simulates walking on stairs. You can also simply knock down the steps yourself and train on them - it will be no worse than a stepper in terms of efficiency.

Jump rope

A jump rope is a unique exercise machine, although in general it is difficult to call a jump rope a exercise machine. This is an ordinary tourniquet, a rope that you need to jump over. Actually, what can I tell you, everyone knows what a jump rope is. But the fact is that this simple device is very effective and can replace any aerobic exercise equipment for the legs.


Orbitrek essentially imitates walking and running. Quite a good option for training your hips, which can come to your aid. This exercise machine is also called an ellipse or ellipsoid, since the pedals move along the trajectory of the ellipse.

The most effective exercise machines for weight loss


The treadmill takes an honorable first place in the ranking of the most effective exercise equipment for weight loss. In 60 minutes of active exercise on this device you can get rid of 500-700 kcal. During training, almost all muscles are involved in the work, so the whole body loses weight as a whole.

Most treadmills are equipped with computers that help regulate the degree of exercise, running speed, and monitor your heart rate. The only disadvantage of this device is the high price and large size. For home workouts, treadmills are not suitable for everyone, but in the gym they are the most popular exercise equipment.

Elliptical trainer

In second place in terms of efficiency is the elliptical trainer. Training on it imitates skiing, all movements are smooth and without jerking. The ellipse practically does not put stress on the knee joints and spine. It is considered one of the safest devices in this regard.

By training on an elliptical trainer, you can burn about 700 kcal in 60 minutes of exercise. The main load in this case goes to the muscles of the legs, buttocks, thighs and abs. If you practice while holding the movable handrails with your hands, the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle will also be involved in the work. In general, the elliptical trainer, like the treadmill, works the whole body. This device took second place only because those who are losing weight use the ellipse less often. Therefore, there are fewer reviews about successful weight loss with its help.

Exercise bike

An exercise bike receives a bronze medal in the ranking of effective weight loss devices. By the way, many people who dream of losing excess weight buy this particular unit. It doesn’t take up much space compared to a treadmill and elliptical, it’s easy to use, and the prices for exercise bikes aren’t too bad.

In an hour of intense training on an exercise bike, you can burn about 500 kcal. The main load during exercise goes to the back and legs. Therefore, choosing such a weight loss exercise machine is recommended for people whose main problem area is the lower torso.


In fourth place in the ranking is the stepper. This exercise machine resembles two steps and simulates climbing stairs. There are many models of this device. There are compact ones for home use that can easily be hidden under the bed after training. There are also more bulky ones, these are usually found in fitness clubs.

But the operating principle of large and small steppers is approximately the same. The main load during exercise goes to the legs, hips, and, in general, the lower body. If you are not lazy and keep up the pace of your workout, you can burn 500 kcal in an hour of training.

Rowing machine

Rounding out the top five devices effective for weight loss is the rowing machine. Exercises on a rowing machine are very similar to rowing, hence the name. During training, almost all muscle groups are involved: legs, abs, shoulder girdle, etc. During an hour-long workout on a rowing machine, you can burn about 600 kcal.


Leg flexion and extension machine

Often these two movements are combined in one simulator. Leg bending helps pump the back of the thigh (femoral biceps), and extension – the front (quadriceps). There is little point in doing exercises on this machine if your legs are not developed enough. You can develop your legs well with barbell squats and leg presses.

Leg press machine

The leg press machine perfectly develops the entire surface of the thighs and gluteal muscles. Depending on the placement of the feet on the platform, the emphasis will shift to certain muscles. You cannot install such a simulator at home, just like the previous one, since they are quite bulky.

Hackenschmidt trainer

This is also an interesting leg trainer, and, unfortunately, it can not be found in every gym. This machine works great on the quadriceps.

Types of leg exercisers

Hackenschmidt Machine and Platform The Hackenschmidt machine squats work your quadriceps and help you quickly build thigh muscle mass.
There are 3 ways to perform hack squats, aimed at developing different muscle groups: • if the feet are low under the cart, then the front of the thigh swings; • the legs are positioned high, the feet are at a distance of 30-35 cm - the athlete can lift more weight, including the muscles of the buttocks, the anterior and posterior groups of the thigh muscles; • if you bring your heels together, turn your toes outward, move your knees to the sides, then the internal group will work - the adductor muscles of the hips. The platform exercise machine for swinging legs is a static machine fixed to the floor. It has a movable platform with the ability to attach loads. The tilt of the platform mounting is 45 degrees.

Exercise machines for raising, bending and extending legs

Leg extension machines direct force to the quadriceps, the muscles on the front of the thighs. Stabilizing muscles are not involved in the work, since in a sitting position there is no need to make efforts to maintain balance. Supporting the spine on the machine eliminates the possibility of back injury. Leg curl machines train the muscles of the back of the thighs, namely: • femoral biceps; • semitendinosus muscle; • semimembranosus muscle. Leg bending on the simulator is done from a lying position, which allows you to concentrate efforts on the working muscles of the hips, thereby directing all your forces in the right direction and thereby quickly achieving the desired result - building and strengthening the leg muscles. The calves of the legs swing in exercises when the legs do not change their position: they are either straightened or bent: • standing on the toes; • raising on your toes in a sitting position. Leg raisers train the inner thigh muscles.

Types of leg exercisers

Exercise machines for pumping legs are tailored for the main muscle groups: quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks and calf muscles.

Popular machines for pumping legs:

  • Leg press machine.
  • Exercise machine for biceps hamstrings.
  • Hack machine.
  • Exercise machine for lower leg muscles.

Leg press machine

It is a platform with special pins for hanging weights. At the bottom there is a seat pointing upward at an angle of 45 degrees. On the sides there are handles-limiters that allow you to fix the weight before starting the exercise. The simulator loads the front of the thigh and gluteal muscles.

Sit in the machine, place your feet in the middle part of the platform, shoulder-width apart. Press your back tightly against the back of the seat, rest your feet on the platform and remove the restraints. As you inhale, lower the weight under control, and as you exhale, press it back to the starting position. At the top, do not lock your legs at the knee joint so as not to remove the load from the target muscles.

Hamstring exerciser

This is a lying leg trainer - a stacked block system for bending the legs at the knee joint with a lever and a roller at the end. Trains the back of the thigh, with the main load going to the biceps muscle.

Bending technique: lie on a bench and place your feet under the bolster, press your pelvis to the platform and do not lift it until the end of the exercise. As you exhale, bend and touch the roller to your buttocks. Hold for a second, then return to the starting position.

Important: Do not place weight at the lower part of the amplitude so as not to remove the load from the hamstrings.

Hack machine

Essentially, this is a leg press machine, but in a mirror image and in a different body position. The exercise machine consists of a platform for the legs at the bottom, and a backrest with shoulder rests at the top.

There are pins on the sides for securing the disks. The backrest is fixed on two slats along which it moves during the exercise. The simulator is designed for training quadriceps, it perfectly works their outer part.

Place your feet on the platform, place your shoulders under the special bolsters, and press your back against the backrest. As you exhale, squat until parallel to the platform. Make sure your knees don't go past your toes. Exhaling powerfully, push the weight out without locking your legs at the knees.

Calf muscle exercisers

The lower leg muscles are conventionally divided into gastrocnemius and soleus. The first is trained while standing; for the second, a leg simulator is used while sitting.

The calf machine is a stacked pulley system or a free weight system. Below there is a platform for socks, on top there are soft pillows for the shoulders.

The soleus muscle trainer consists of a seat and a knee support. He can also be on free weights or use stacks as weights.

Technique of exercises for the lower leg

The only differences are in the position of the body, otherwise the technique is similar. To pump up your calves, stand on a platform with your shoulders resting on the pillows. After this, lower your heels below the platform, stretching your calf. Next, stand on your toes and hold for a second. Repeat the movement a specified number of times.

Effective exercise machines for the inner thighs

Despite the diversity and development of gyms, there are only a few effective simulators that have proven themselves in working out the inner thigh.

These include:

  • Smith machine for squats is an alternative to conventional squats with a barbell. Thanks to the fixation of the bar, the athletes' technique is more correct, therefore the risk of injury is reduced, and additional muscles are included in the work;
  • hack machine – designed to work the quadriceps and back of the thigh. The legs apply downward pressure, thereby lifting the weight that is on the athlete’s shoulders. For controlled squats, the legs should be placed with full feet on a special structure;

  • A leg press machine is one of the most effective, but also dangerous devices. The press is done at an angle and with your feet up, which makes it intimidating for many gym newbies. It is strictly forbidden to fully straighten your knees, because weight can injure joints and bones. Therefore, the knees should always be slightly bent, maintaining a constant load.

Exercises on simulators for the inner thigh

Below are several effective and popular exercises aimed at working out the thighs on machines:

  1. Mixing. The lesson is performed on a special block device. It is worth noting that this exercise also works the intimate muscles of women.
  2. Leg extension. This simulator “pumps” the quadriceps femoris muscle. The exercise is great for beginners or as a “warm-up” before the main workout.
  3. Leg abduction in crossover. One leg is fixed in the lower block. They move to the second side of the structure and take hold of the handrail to stabilize the body. Keep your back straight, look straight ahead. The leg is pulled up slightly to the side. The body should remain in a static position, the toe should be stretched. You should feel tension in your inner thigh.
  4. Exercises on a fitball (special ball) are very effective for body shaping, including working out the hips and buttocks.
  5. The simplest and most effective way for these muscles is squats (regular or weighted).

Exercises in the gym

Exercises for the inner thigh should mostly be performed with weights. To achieve an ideal appearance, exercise in the gym must be done at least 1-2 times a week. Working out at home with free weights will improve your body and help you burn fat, but the biggest difference comes from lifting weights and using machines.

The most effective exercises in the gym will be:

  • squats with a barbell and dumbbell;
  • hack squats in the machine;
  • front squat;
  • bringing the legs together on the simulator;
  • Bench leg press;
  • deadlift of a barbell on straight legs;
  • lunges with a barbell;

The training process uses 3-4 exercises, with a rest of 4 minutes. between them. The number of approaches is from 4 to 6, with stops for 40-60 seconds. The entire workout should take at least 40 minutes. and no more than 1.5 hours.

A sample training program looks like this:

  1. Active warm-up of the whole body – 3-5 minutes.
  2. Warming up the muscles on a jump rope or exercise bike – 15-20 minutes.
  3. Squats with a barbell 3×8-12 times.
  4. Bench leg press 3x10-15 times.
  5. Lunges – 10 times on each leg, 3-4 approaches.
  6. Leg abduction in the simulator - 3x12-20 repetitions.
  7. Stretching – 10-15 min.

Assistive leg trainers

Legs are trained not only for mass. Many people, especially girls, are interested in endurance and general muscle tone. A pedal leg trainer is suitable for these purposes. This device simulates cycling, but is not an exercise bike.

To speed up recovery after training, you need to pay attention to the cool-down - static stretching. A leg stretching machine helps with this. It consists of two levers, between which there is a handle. By pulling it, you can gradually move apart the levers on which the legs are attached.

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