Elena Malysheva's diet for weight loss. Menu for a week, for 10 days

Salt-free diet for weight loss by Elena Malysheva

Malysheva cares about her TV viewers, and by popular demand, she has collected all her nutrition tips into several weight loss systems. The TV presenter considers an obese person unhealthy, and calls losing weight a treatment for many diseases.

IMPORTANT: Malysheva is categorically against short-term diets with severe calorie cuts and severe food restrictions.

Elena Vasilyevna considers reducing salt consumption to be the first step on the path to slimness.

  • Salt is a product that in large quantities has a negative impact on health.
  • The property of salt to retain liquid is also reflected in the appearance
  • A swollen body looks unattractive, and by removing excess water from the body, very obese people can lose 10 kg.
  • Prepare any dish without this seasoning, and salt already prepared food
  • There are also many tricks to make food tasty and flavorful without salt. Try adding lemon juice and various herbs and spices
  • Natural soy sauce will give dishes a salty taste.

IMPORTANT: A person gets used to the new taste of food in about 2 weeks. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll fall in love with low-salt foods.

Elena Malysheva's diet program for weight loss

A person who is losing weight, according to Malysheva, makes mistakes because of which he cannot lose excess weight or quickly gains it back. Such weight loss turns into real torture with constant deprivation and hunger. The TV presenter gives advice on how to properly follow any diet.

  • Don't go hungry! Hunger has not helped a single person become slim. Living from hand to mouth, sooner or later you will break down and pounce on food. In an undernourished body, a reaction occurs that does not lead to weight loss, but, on the contrary, to weight gain. An organism that has been left without food for a long time switches to storage mode. And then any seemingly harmless apple will be deposited in adipose tissue
  • Keep track of your calories and write down everything you eat. Gradually, you will begin to imagine how dangerous certain foods are for your figure. Malysheva considers 1200 calories to be the optimal daily value for a woman losing weight. On fasting days, the energy value can be reduced to 800 calories, but this can be done no more than once a week. You'll be surprised how much healthy food and how little junk food like fast food or cakes you can fit into those 1,200 calories.
  • Chew each bite well. Without initial processing with saliva, food will enter the stomach in whole pieces and will not be fully absorbed. Chewing thoroughly will allow you to really enjoy your meals and will also prevent you from overeating.

IMPORTANT: Malysheva advises chewing each piece at least 17 times.

  • Malysheva considers the psychological attitude to be an equally important factor in successful weight loss. You must be focused on winning, go towards your dream easily and without unnecessary thoughts. You have already started losing weight, from this very minute. So, all that’s left to do is wait for your dream to come true, following simple rules for this
  • Play sports. Physical activity is the key to a beautiful body. It doesn’t matter what sport you choose, the main thing is to practice regularly. If you don’t have enough time for the fitness room, 15-30 minutes of exercise every day at home will be enough

Dukan protein diet

Today, the Pierre Dukan diet is considered the most popular of all existing protein diets.

If the basic principles are followed correctly, this diet promotes effective weight loss. The Pierre Dukan diet consists of four independent stages.

  1. Attack.
  2. Alternation (“Cruise”).
  3. Consolidation.
  4. Stabilization.

These stages of the diet have their own specific dietary requirements and approved products.

First stage - “Attack”

At the first stage of the Dukan diet, the menu contains mainly protein foods, and the consumption of carbohydrates and fats is reduced to a minimum.

The duration of the “attack” should not exceed 7-10 days, as weakness, dizziness or nausea may appear. At this stage of the diet, you should focus on your state of health - if you feel unwell, then reduce the duration of the stage to a minimum. If your health is normal, then you can extend the duration of the “Attack”.

The second stage - “Alternation”

This stage of the diet is based on alternating protein days with vegetable days. The duration of “Alternation” can reach 50 days. There are several options for the second stage of the Dukan diet:

  • one day - proteins, the second day - vegetables + proteins;
  • two days - proteins, two days - vegetables + proteins;
  • three days - proteins, three days - vegetables + proteins;
  • four days - proteins, four days - vegetables + proteins;
  • five days - proteins, five days - vegetables + proteins.

The third stage - “Consolidation”

During the third stage, the weight that you achieved in the first two stages stabilizes. The duration of the stage can be unlimited. The Consolidation diet is close to a proper balanced diet. The only condition for this stage is that for seven days you need to make one day exclusively protein.

At the third stage, you are allowed to eat sweets, chocolate or pastries twice a week, but only for breakfast.

The fourth stage - “Stabilization”

This stage of the diet is fully consistent with proper nutrition. Important conditions for successful “Stabilization” are:

  • 2-3 liters of clean water per day;
  • consumption of oat bran (up to 3 tablespoons per day);
  • mandatory consumption of protein foods, vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin-protein diet

This diet is quite effective and easy to use. It is absolutely harmless and helps to get rid of 5-7 kg of excess weight in 10 days.

When following a diet, you are allowed to eat exclusively protein and vitamin foods. Fats and carbohydrates are completely excluded. There is a strict ban on various high-calorie sauces, chocolate and all kinds of baked goods.

Sample menu of a vitamin-protein diet for 10 days

The daily diet of this diet consists of protein and vitamin products, which are taken separately during different meals.

  1. Breakfast: protein product (for example, boiled egg - 2 pcs.).
  2. Snack: vitamin product (for example, grapefruit - 1 pc.).
  3. Lunch: protein product (for example, boiled chicken fillet - 200 g).
  4. Snack: vitamin product (for example, apple - 2 pcs.).
  5. Dinner: protein product (for example, boiled fillet of lean fish - 200 g).

To avoid getting bored with your diet after 10 days, dilute your daily diet with a variety of protein and vitamin foods.

Protein-containing products:

  • dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses);
  • white meat chicken, chicken liver, turkey, beef;
  • seafood (squid, shrimp, tuna, salmon).

Vitamin-containing products:

  • fruits (pineapples, oranges, kiwis, apples, pears);
  • vegetables (beets, carrots, cucumbers, all types of cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers).

Proper nutrition from Elena Malysheva: menu

  • Start drinking enough water per day. This is 1.5-3 liters of liquid, the daily volume of which should be increased gradually. Starting your day with a glass of water, you will start the digestive system and metabolic processes of the body even before eating. In addition, water has zero calories, but it perfectly fills the stomach, as a result of which you will probably eat less. Drink 200 ml of water before each meal
  • Reduce, or even better, completely remove fast carbohydrates from your menu - flour, confectionery, chocolate, ice cream and other sweets. Give preference to slow, that is, healthy carbohydrates for the body - cereals, cereals, whole grains, plant fiber

IMPORTANT: Do not use butter. Keep sugar and salt to a minimum.

  • Choose lean varieties of meat, fish, poultry, and low-fat dairy products. Avoid all foods with visible fat
  • Eat more protein to prevent muscle wasting due to weight loss. Protein is found in lean meat, poultry, fish, seafood, legumes, cereals, nuts, seeds
  • Malysheva advocates weekly fasting days. According to Elena Vasilyevna’s advice, these should be days on buckwheat or rice. The total calorie content of the daily diet should not exceed 800 calories. Such a one-time, but sharp stress for the body will have a positive effect on the process of losing weight. It is also an excellent way to cleanse the body of waste and toxins that form from the food in our regular diet.

Acceptable and prohibited products

It is recommended to eat:

  • various cereals,
  • unsweetened fruits,
  • the right sweets - dried fruits, muesli bars, nuts,
  • non-starchy vegetables,
  • greens rich in vitamins,
  • boiled eggs,
  • low-fat fermented milk products,
  • meat – lean poultry (chicken, turkey), veal and beef,
  • lean fish and seafood.

Diet restrictions:

  1. The consumption of any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
  2. Salt intake should be minimized as it promotes fluid retention in the body.
  3. Be sure to reduce the consumption of animal fats - replace butter, cream, full-fat sour cream, pork, lamb, and fatty fish with low-fat products.
  4. You should avoid foods containing fast carbohydrates - sugar, sweets, flour and confectionery products.
  5. Reduce consumption of potatoes due to their high starch content, as well as consumption of rice.
  6. Completely free your diet from “food waste” - chips, sweet soda, etc.

Malyshev’s three-month diet: menu for the week

IMPORTANT: When preparing dietary dishes, choose only fresh, natural and high-quality products. Carefully study the composition of finished products. They should use only natural ingredients.

Malysheva’s long-term diet is based on all the principles described above. Its duration is from one month to three. If desired, the diet can be extended even further, because it does not harm health and is as close as possible to proper nutrition.

Sample menu for each day:

  • Breakfast (around 8 am): oatmeal steamed with hot water, add some berries, grated apple, pear or other fruit for taste. You can start your day with a serving of cottage cheese with berries and fruits, low-fat yogurt or yogurt
  • Snack (around 10am): 2-3 medium fruits
  • Lunch (around noon): Protein-rich food. This includes lean meat, fish, poultry, and egg whites. Garnish: a large portion of fresh vegetables and herbs
  • Afternoon snack (around 16.00): 2-3 medium fruits
  • Dinner (around 19.00): vegetable salads, a glass of low-fat kefir, chicken eggs
  • 2 hours before bedtime: a glass of kefir, yogurt or a portion of low-fat cottage cheese

Diet results

As a result, Elena Malysheva’s diet is a balanced way to lose weight. It won’t bring you immediate results and tens of kilograms lost, but that’s its beauty. The diet does not harm the body and does not lead to stress, and this is the most important thing for your health! Everything requires a meaningful and reasonable approach. You can’t accumulate excess weight for years and then get rid of it in 2 days. Be consistent in your actions and you will achieve your goals without harm to your body!

Malysheva’s diet: menu for 10 days

Despite the fact that Malysheva is an opponent of fast diets, she developed a 10-day weight loss system taking into account all the body’s nutrient requirements. Such weight loss will be quick, but harmless to health. The result of the diet is 3-5 kilograms lost.

The basis for the program was separate meals. The 10-day course consists of alternating protein and carbohydrate days.

a protein day, you eat foods rich in protein.
It is best if it is boiled chicken meat without skin. For breakfast you can eat a soft-boiled egg and a cucumber salad with herbs. Set aside the rest of the day just for the chicken, which is recommended to be salted just a little bit. The carbohydrate day should be marked by vegetables. The total volume of products is 1-1.5 kg. Divide this amount into portions of 200-250 g. You can prepare salads, stews, and slices from vegetables. Boil, stew, bake vegetables, but without oil and with a minimum of salt.

IMPORTANT: Conventionally, one meal of both protein and carbohydrate days should be equal to a glass.

Protein-carbohydrate diet (protein-carbohydrate alternation) for weight loss - menu, reviews

Using a protein-carbohydrate diet for weight loss

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Modern women pay special attention to their appearance. Ideal condition of hair, skin, fashionable clothes, beautiful figure are a clear indicator of a well-groomed representative of the fair sex. To have a beautiful shape, many people use various weight loss programs.

One of the balanced and harmless regimens is a protein-carbohydrate diet. It does not reject any microelements necessary for a person, thanks to this it can be used by many. Let's try to figure out what this program consists of, what contraindications and disadvantages there are, and also what foods you can eat.

The effect of diet on the body

This program for removing extra pounds is better than many others. There is a simple explanation for this: it uses a lot of products, consuming which, a person will not remain hungry, but the kilograms will also go away. Respondents notice that sometimes the daily menu is difficult to finish, since the ingredients of the dishes are filling and you can quickly get full.

If you decide to use this technique to lose weight, you should be prepared for a change. A day rich in polysaccharides will be replaced by a protein one, and vice versa.

Alternation requires little preparation: you need to come up with a menu in advance, otherwise questions will arise about what to cook tomorrow.

Your body only benefits from the use of alternation: your health and appearance improve, the condition of your hair changes for the better (less hair falls out and becomes greasy), and brittle nails go away. The diet has a good effect on the state of the nervous system - irritability goes away, the person feels cheerful and rested.

The diet is as harmless as possible for humans. It is not characterized by quick results, but this is its advantage - a reserve of time for tightening the skin.

A weight loss program targets body fat, not body water or muscle mass.

Using BEACH, you prevent the internal regulator from turning on the polysaccharide accumulation mode, because on the third day you carry out “carbohydrate therapy” after two protein days. Weight in the first week may decrease by 3-4 kg. Thanks to a balanced diet, fats are consumed and the necessary glycogen accumulates in the muscles and liver.


Along with the positive aspects, the regimen has contraindications for use:

  • it is not suitable for those people with obesity of 2, 3 degrees. First, some changes will occur in the body, then the kilograms will stop disappearing;
  • the inactive population should also not use a diet - large amounts of carbohydrates and protein come with food, they must be used through active physical activity. If this is not done, the protein, remaining excess in the cells of the body, can lead to bad breath and nausea.

Protein-carbohydrate alternation

The program consists of alternating days with eating proteins and polysaccharides. The first and second days - a person eats proteins, on the third - carbohydrates. After the “cycle” the alternation is repeated. The regime also provides for mixed days. It should be noted that alternating a protein and carbohydrate diet does not imply a complete rejection of other foods on a single day.

For example, on a protein day you can eat: scrambled eggs, cheese, boiled meat, various vegetables (but without starch), seafood. Whereas on a carbohydrate day: boiled chicken, vegetables, legumes, bread (usually rye), fruits and rolled oats. Such products provide varied nutrition to the body, as well as low calorie content.

In order not to get confused about what dishes to eat on protein and carbohydrate days, there is an approximate list of them, which you can later adjust yourself:

  • Mixed. On the first day, a person can eat both proteins and polysaccharides.
  • 3 – protein. The menu these days includes meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, etc.
  • 4 – carbohydrate. Here the diet includes porridge, whole grain bread, starchy vegetables and fruits.
  • 5–6 – protein days.
  • carbohydrate day.

Protein day

For maximum effect, on protein days it is necessary to give preference to foods that contain a large amount of protein but little fat. These are kefir, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, lean meat, fish. You can eat vegetables throughout your diet.

Carbohydrate day

It performs an important task - it prevents the body from causing a lot of stress, since in the first two days of protein food it loses many reserves of energy and glycogen.

At the same time, it is important not to forget about moderate consumption of carbohydrates so that there is no disruption in metabolism.

In order for the body to be saturated with glucose, it is necessary to eat foods such as: muesli, honey, fruits, rye bread, herbs, vegetables, dairy products.

Mixed day

A mixed day means a balanced intake of carbohydrates and proteins. Most often, such a day is considered the first, although a small amount of protein is allowed on carbohydrate days.

At the beginning of the diet cycle (days 1, 8, 15), you need to let the body relax so that all processes proceed calmly, without turning on the saving mode.

Here you can eat boiled or stewed meat, fish, various cereals, fermented milk products and milk, fruits and dried fruits, vegetables (you can have some potatoes).

Sample menu for a protein-carbohydrate diet

Each person has their own taste preferences and favorite dishes. The protein-carbohydrate diet is suitable for many due to the wide range of acceptable foods, and, consequently, dishes.

There is an approximate mode menu for every day.


Many nutritionists disagree with the diet described above. They argue that the amount of protein a person eats in the first two days is too high. Human organs do not have time to process large amounts of protein, so nausea may occur.

If you have already agreed to start BEACH, it is important not to forget about daily physical activity, because it helps proteins to be absorbed faster.

It is necessary to show willpower and give up baked goods, potatoes, pineapples, persimmons, bananas, beets, carrots, fast food and alcohol.


The main positive characteristics of the diet are:

  • Efficiency. The alternation of protein and carbohydrate diets can be extended for one month (there is no point in it anymore - there will be no results), and you will see the impressive fruits of your labors. Then you definitely need to take a break.
  • The good thing about it is that there is no need to do any complex calculations. The diet is such that all people quickly adapt to it.
  • It is important to note that the results after performing BCH remain for a long period of time, since the basis of the regime is enhanced fat burning, and not the removal of water from the body.
  • You don’t have to go hungry or suffer from weakness, because all the foods are nutritious and satisfying.

Malysheva's diet

Elena Malysheva claims that using low-calorie diets, those who strive for this are guaranteed to lose weight. She adheres to the point of view that it is best to lose weight gradually, since it will not be too stressful for the body as a whole, and it will be more beneficial for the skin.

Elena says that the best option is to lose weight no more than 500 grams per day.

The celebrity emphasizes that the total daily calorie content of food should be approximately 1200 kcal, no more. And the menu she compiled for several days is based on this.

Video: Protein-carbohydrate diet from Elena Malysheva

There are several recommendations that Elena Malysheva shared with those who want to lose weight:

  • You need to be careful with natural juices. If you use them, you need to dilute them by at least half, they contain a lot of sugar.
  • It is better to replace mashed potatoes with cauliflower puree. This will be much healthier and will have almost no effect on the taste, since they are very similar.
  • There is no need to fanatically reject sugar by using substitutes - they are not healthy and can also lead to serious diseases.
  • If your weight stops decreasing, don't panic. This is a normal process caused by chemical reactions in the body. You just need to increase physical activity, for example, walk more.

What results can you achieve?

Using a protein-carbohydrate diet, you can lose up to 3 kg per week. But there is one caveat.

After the carbohydrate day (the third day of the week), the weight returns to its previous level, the body is saturated with carbohydrates. After this, the mass begins to be lost faster, as the fat layer in the body begins to be actively burned, and muscle mass remains the same.

Following the recommendations of Elena Malysheva, the optimal weight that will be lost every day is up to 500 g. The total weight per week is 3.5-4 kg. There are cases when girls got rid of 5-7 kg in 10 days.

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It is important to remember that you need to tune in internally to any diet. The result will only come if you start following all the recommendations exactly. Your weight loss depends on your perseverance, patience and will.

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Source: https://mymylife.ru/snizhenie-vesa/diety/35867-belkovo-uglevodnaya-dieta-belkovo-uglevodnoe-cheredovanie-dlya-pokhudeniya-menyu-otzyvy

Diet of Elena Malysheva: recipes for weight loss. Fasting day

Elena Vasilyevna advises to diversify rice and buckwheat fasting days with a day of cleansing salad “Brush” . To prepare it you will need:

  • raw white cabbage
  • raw beets
  • raw carrots

Grate the beets and carrots on a coarse grater, chop the cabbage into thin slices. Drizzle the salad with olive oil or lemon juice.

Consume this cleansing dish throughout the day, 200 g at a time. Such fasting days can be carried out no more than once a week.

Fitness trainer's opinion

The so-called diet of Elena Malysheva is one of the most acceptable options for ready-made diets that you can adhere to without harm to your health and to benefit your figure. Moreover, the menu presented in the article is strict.

If you do strength training at least 3 times a week, then portions of meat and fish can be increased to 200 g, and low-fat protein such as egg whites and the same cod or squid to 300 g. Strength training fits perfectly into this regime.

You can do it after breakfast, in which case let the second breakfast be cottage cheese and yogurt, and after lunch - accordingly, we transfer the cottage cheese to the afternoon snack. Well, after your evening strength training, you can safely eat your fish with vegetables, just strengthen your muscles.

However, it will be useful for “fans” of Elena Malysheva to know that this diet has almost nothing to do with the TV presenter herself. She was born in the depths of the TV project “Drop the Extra Thing,” but Malysheva recently publicly “disowned” all Internet diets with her own name.

Elena Malysheva's diet for weight loss at home

For those who do not have the time or desire to calculate calorie content, select products and cook, Malysheva offers a ready-made diet. This is a set of dishes for the whole month, which is delivered to your home in 2 doses in cardboard boxes: at the beginning and middle of the month.

  • Dishes for four daily meals are packed in sealed containers
  • Most boxes require storage in the refrigerator, while others can simply be stored in a kitchen cabinet
  • Each meal has its own color. This makes it easy to find the right container
  • The boxes are convenient to take with you to work and heat in the microwave or fill with hot water.
  • In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, Malysheva offers a healthy snack, which is most often a dessert
  • Malysheva’s sets are designed not only for healthy people losing weight, but also for people with various diseases
  • There are male and female diet options, as well as special kits for maintaining physical fitness and losing weight during periods of intense exercise.
  • All dishes are balanced in nutrients and have optimal calorie content

Diet of Elena Malysheva: products for weight loss

What does Malysheva’s monthly set include?

  • Breakfasts indicated in green are oatmeal with berries, rice with fruit, muesli with nuts, omelet with vegetables, fruit bars
  • “Orange” dinners include poultry with various sauces and vegetables, fish dishes, mushrooms with potatoes, buckwheat porridge with meat balls
  • For dessert, which goes under the color blue, there are fruit bars with different flavors, mixtures of nuts and dried fruits, kozinaki
  • “Red” dinners are various cream soups with chicken, mushrooms, pumpkin, mushroom and meat julienne, stuffed peppers, vegetable pilaf, lazy cabbage rolls and many other different dishes
  • Fasting days are marked in pink. These are 4 days a month that you will spend eating exclusively buckwheat or rice porridge of your choice

Elena Malysheva's diet for weight loss: tips and reviews

  • There are different views about Malysheva’s ready-made diet. Its cost deters many people who are losing weight. If we consider only the price of products, then the TV presenter’s finished diet is indeed much more expensive than the price of its components
  • But, according to other buyers, a meal plan that has already been drawn up, freedom from cooking for a whole month, and menu preparation by a certified doctor are worth the money
  • Malysheva’s free weight loss systems also received positive reviews. Her 10-day diet, based on separate nutrition, helps you lose weight by as much as 5 kg with absolutely no harm to your health.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Malysheva diet

The main advantages of protein-carbohydrate nutrition include:

  • Switching to proper nutrition;
  • Restructuring the body to function fully and effectively;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Skills in preparing new, healthy and low-calorie dishes;
  • Loss of body weight from 4 to 6 kg in 10 days.

The main disadvantages of Malysheva’s diet are:

  • Inability to adhere to proper nutrition for pregnant women, people with kidney problems and constipation.
  • Nursing mothers and those who exercise intensively should not try the diet on themselves.

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