Sponge cake with 6 eggs: recipe, ingredients, cooking tips

Making a classic 6 egg sponge cake

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This is the traditional way of creating a standard cake sponge using six eggs. For preparation you need the following set of products:

  • 6 eggs.
  • 150 grams of flour. Exactly as much flour as in a 250 ml glass.
  • 200 grams of crushed granulated sugar.
  • 15 grams of vanilla sugar.

In addition, you need to prepare parchment and a baking dish. The standard and best option is dishes with a diameter of 26 centimeters. But 20 will do. But still, the proportions of a sponge cake for 6 eggs should be observed. Otherwise, the workpiece may deteriorate.

What is special about the first day 6 eggs diet?

For many years now, the so-called “egg diet” has not lost its popularity among avid lovers of trying out more and more new diets. It should be noted that the 6 egg diet is short-term. Most often it is used when you urgently need to lose a couple of kilograms for an important event.

Before you begin the diet itself, it is important to understand the effect of eggs on the human body. Previously, nutritionists did not recommend consuming excessive amounts of eggs, because they contain high cholesterol.

But science does not stand still and it soon became known that the cholesterol content in eggs is not the cause of human diseases, such as atherosclerosis, for example. Eggs are not only a good dietary product, but also a storehouse of vitamins and microelements that are so necessary for humans.

Cooking algorithm

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Now let's figure out how to make a sponge cake from 6 eggs. All actions are quite simple and understandable. If you are doing this for the first time, then simply follow the following order of all actions, and then you will get the perfect biscuit. What needs to be done? Before processing the ingredients for the 6-egg sponge cake, you need to prepare the dishes:

  • First you need to prepare a baking dish. Unfasten its sides and cover the bottom with parchment. All excess must be cut off. After this, the walls need to be returned to their place.
  • There is no need to lubricate the mold with anything. Otherwise, the biscuit will not rise.
  • Now you need to separate the yolks and whites into separate containers. Please note that they (containers) must be completely dry. Otherwise, it will not be possible to obtain a mass of the desired consistency.
  • After separation, the whites must be placed in the refrigerator until it is their turn to be processed. They whip better when cold.
  • Half of the specified amount of granulated sugar and all the vanilla sugar are poured into the bowl with the yolks. The resulting mass must be ground until it becomes light and increases in volume approximately three times.

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  • 150 grams of flour, exactly as much as there is flour in a 250 ml glass, must be passed through a sieve so that it acquires a fluffier texture and is saturated with oxygen. This will help the future biscuit be lighter and softer.
  • Now you need to get the whites out of the refrigerator. With a mixer, start beating them at the lowest speed possible.
  • After foam appears on the surface, you can gradually increase the speed. The procedure must be continued until the volume of the contents in the bowl doubles.
  • Once the required mark is reached, the remaining half of the sugar is added to the bowl. Then just continue whisking the contents until you get a strong foam. To make sure you've reached the right point, carefully turn the pan over and make sure no foam spills out.
  • Then you need to mix the yolks again and carefully add a third of the resulting mass to them. All ingredients must be mixed by moving the spoon from bottom to top.
  • Next, flour is passed through a sieve into the bowl. All contents are carefully mixed again according to the previously indicated scheme.
  • Once you have a uniform mass, add the remaining whipped egg whites and mix everything again.
  • Continue processing the contents until you get an airy and homogeneous dough without lumps.
  • Set the oven to warm up to 180 degrees.
  • The finished base must be carefully poured into the previously prepared form.
  • Place the dish in the oven and bake for thirty minutes.
  • To make sure the biscuit is ready, pierce it with a toothpick. It should be dry.
  • After this, you need to separate the edges with a sharp knife and place the workpiece on a plate to cool. Once it reaches the desired temperature, you can begin processing it for various baked goods.

Now that the basic recipe for a sponge cake with 6 eggs has been reviewed, we can move on to useful tips and notes on preparing this component.

Important principles and cooking tips

Next, it is worth considering several important recommendations that will help in creating this ingredient. Their list is presented below:

  • When preparing the recipe for sponge cake from 6 eggs, you must follow the proportions. In particular, it is necessary to start from the main ingredient. If you are using large eggs, you can safely follow the recipe. If they are smaller than standard, then it is recommended to add one or two.
  • Instead of the classic cooking method, you can try making a preparation using water, milk, sour cream or kefir. However, the standard version turns out to be the most magnificent.
  • As an impregnation, it is most often recommended to use sugar syrup or jam diluted with water. This issue must be taken seriously. After all, even if you prepared a sponge cake from 6 eggs according to the recipe, improper impregnation can ruin the entire taste of the baked goods.

  • To make the base for the future cake more tasty, you can add nuts, honey, berries or zest to it. Quite often it is recommended to add fresh or dried fruits.
  • Sometimes powdered sugar can be used instead of sugar. When preparing dough, it will help reduce the time of beating egg whites.

The first method of preparing the form

Since the recipe began with the preparation of dishes for baking, it is worth paying attention to how this can be done. Here's one way:

The recipe said that you should not grease the walls, as this will prevent the biscuit from rising. But in this case, a different scheme works:

  • Treat the walls of the dish with softened butter.
  • Pour a spoonful of flour inside and, shaking the mold, distribute it first along the walls and then along the bottom.
  • After this, tap the utensils thoroughly. This will help get rid of excess flour.

This method of processing the mold allows the workpiece not to stick to the walls due to the appearance of a small gap. But this also causes a small hill to form in the center.

The main disadvantage of this preparation method is that the shape of the sponge cake will shrink slightly after it cools.

Popularity of the 6 egg diet!

The egg diet gained its popularity due to its high efficiency and rapid results. In addition to eggs, this diet includes the consumption of vegetables and fruits, therefore, the diet is not a mono-diet and taking additional vitamins is not necessary.

Typically, the minimum duration of any diet takes a week, but the egg diet is designed for only three days. As for the diet, you will only have to eat three times a day. Each meal consists of 1 egg without salt and other additives and fruit, the best option would be grapefruit - it is a good fat burner.

In three days you can get rid of 2 extra kilos or more, depending on your initial weight. The loss occurs due to a decrease in fluid in the body. There is another version of the egg diet, which differs in its duration - from 1 to 2 weeks.

The number of meals and the break between them do not change. But the menu is more varied, you can eat 4 eggs, a vegetable salad (necessarily with cabbage), boiled meat or fish, and don’t forget about grapefruit.

Breakfast is the basis of the day, so two whole grapefruits and the same number of eggs are allowed. For lunch - no more than 100g. mass and egg. You cannot salt food. You can lose 5 kg in a week.

If the diet seems complicated, then the best option would be fasting days - 3 eggs and one grapefruit, a lot of water. Leaving the diet should be smooth, you should not suddenly introduce high-calorie foods into your diet, and you can switch to your usual diet after 2-3 weeks.

This is the only way to effectively consolidate the results and improve your well-being; it is important to remember that physical activity is the key to a slim figure and good health every day!

Second way

This option has already been described in the 6-egg sponge cake recipe itself. Simply line the bottom with baking parchment without greasing or dusting the sides of the dish. This method also results in a mound in the center (this is due to the dough sticking to the walls). But as soon as you remove the contents from the mold and it cools, the slide will go away.

Please note that the paper comes off only after the sponge cake leaves the mold.

This method has one important drawback, which concerns manual dexterity. It is necessary to separate the dough stuck to the walls carefully so as not to damage either it or the dishes. Also, in this situation, you cannot use molds made of silicone.

Diet results

Many people on low-calorie diets get their daily energy from bars, smoothies and other foods that provide the body with essential nutrients.

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This diet gives quick results. People lose between 1.5 and 2.5 kilograms per week. But the effect of the diet is short-term. Usually, the extra pounds return as soon as people switch to a normal diet. Unlike such diets, eating only six eggs a day can be quite risky. The product will help you lose weight, but will not provide the body with nutrients.

Six eggs contain 32 grams of regular fat and 10 grams of saturated fat. The amount of cholesterol that a person consumes in food is 1.119 milligrams. This amount can cause serious disturbances in the functioning of the body.

Moderate consumption of eggs is not harmful to heart function in healthy people. But Harvard researchers noted that it is better to eat no more than one egg per day. Those living with heart disease should limit themselves to three yolks per week.

Features of baking biscuits

After the base has been prepared and the dough itself has been prepared, care must be taken to ensure that the biscuit does not burn or deteriorate during baking. To do this, the following tips are given:

  • Before placing the workpiece in the oven, it must always be heated to a temperature of 180 to 200 degrees.
  • When baking sponge cakes, it is recommended to set the power level to medium. The use of convection is also allowed.
  • Unless there is a compelling reason, do not open the oven door during the first 15 minutes of baking. This will cool the air inside.
  • The first check for readiness can be done only after 25 or 30 minutes after the workpiece has been placed inside.
  • You can check readiness not only with a toothpick. You can also focus on the mound in the center of the biscuit. If it is ready, it will be even and golden brown.
  • You can also check readiness by pressing with your palm. If under pressure it feels elastic and durable, then you can stop baking.

  • To prevent the sponge cake from becoming soggy during soaking and to retain its shape and texture, it is recommended to leave it for several hours. Preferably for one night. But it is important to ensure that it does not dry out.

How to cut baked goods

After preparing the 6 egg sponge cake according to the recipe, it must be prepared for the planned baking. Most often it is cut into cakes. To obtain layers of equal thickness, the following is recommended:

  • The bottom side of the sponge cake should be on top, thanks to this the cake itself will be even.
  • It is better to use a plate as a base so that you can easily turn the cake over.
  • You need to cut the cakes with a very sharp blade, the diameter of which is larger than the sponge cake.
  • Before dividing, it is recommended to mark the approximate cutting points with a knife.
  • When slicing, the knife must be pressed against the bottom cake, and the sponge cake itself must be carefully rotated. Make sure that the knife moves along the intended line.

Six Egg Diet

Another popular power system. Its popularity is due to its fast and impressive results. You can lose up to 10 kg in less than a week. The diet involves three meals. During breaks you can eat vegetables and fruits. As for fruits, it is better to give preference to grapefruit, which is an invariable helper for anyone losing weight. Food should not be salted or seasoned. Of course, you need to give up sugar.

The 6 Egg Diet, the first day of which really only consists of eggs, is considered strict. The menu looks like this:

  • First day - boiled eggs, six pieces;
  • Second day – half a kilo of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Third day – boiled chicken fillet (800 gr.);
  • Fourth day - boiled rice (300 gr.);
  • Fifth day – baked potatoes, seven pieces;
  • Day six: apples.

You need to expand your diet after such a diet very slowly. On the seventh day you can drink milk, eat cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables. In the following days, you can eat porridge as breakfast. You need to eat little so as not to burden your stomach. If you can stick to a moderately limited diet after such a diet, the results will be much more noticeable and sustainable.

What problems might there be?

Next, we will consider several of the most common difficulties when preparing sponge cake. Among them:

  • Too thin a dough results from poorly beaten egg whites or yolks, or from mixing the dough for too long.
  • If the sponge cake does not rise well, then most likely the ingredients were not beaten well and the air in the oven was cold.
  • Severe subsidence occurs due to poor baking of the dough or a small amount of flour for a sponge cake for 6 eggs. How much exactly is needed is indicated above.
  • If it settles in the oven, the temperature was set too high.


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