How Alexandra Bortich gained weight for her role in the film “I’m Losing Weight,” and then lost the weight back

In this article you will learn about how Alexandra Bortich gained 20 kg for her role in the film “I’m Losing Weight” in just a month and a half, and then lost almost the same amount during filming. In the first frames of the film, fans simply did not recognize the actress: how can one change her weight in such a short time, and even twice, because at the premiere Sasha appeared slim and fit before the audience. What is this, special makeup? Lighting? Rubber pads in different places? But the truth is that Bortich did gain and lose weight. There is definitely some kind of secret here, which we will deal with now.

Why did Alexandra Bortich gain weight, and who is she anyway?

Alexandra Bortich, if you didn’t know, is one of the most attractive young Russian actresses. Nika from “Policeman from Rublyovka”, Alena from “Dukhless 2” and Rogneda from “Viking” - all these are Bortich’s roles.

Nika from “Policeman from Rublyovka”

In 2021, right on March 8, a new film with her participation was released - a light but not stupid comedy “I’m Losing Weight.” The plot of the film is based on a drama familiar to many: the girl Anya loves to eat delicious food and does not like training, but at the same time she is in love with the handsome athlete Zhenya, a fitness freak, who eventually abandons her because of her figure and laziness and goes to a fitness girl. Anya worries for a long time, but in the end she decides to prove to her ex that she is also capable of much, and begins to fight excess weight. An old friend helps her in this adventure, and also a new friend who is also trying to lose weight and is simply radiating rays of motivation.

The picture turned out to be vital both because of the excellent acting, and thanks to the experience of director Alexei Nazhny, who at one time also had problems with excess weight and lost 28 kg, and then decided to make a film about it.

How to lose weight is more or less clear. Eat healthy and give your body positive exercise. But how to gain weight for the role of a “big boned girl” is a higher level.

Sister of Grisha Izmailov. All roles of Sasha Bortich

Fate brought her to audition for the TV series “Girls.” Alas, the girl was not invited, but she was still noticed. It was there that director Nigina Sayfullaeva first saw Sasha, who subsequently invited her to the drama “What’s My Name” (2014). Sasha was given the main role along with Marina Vasilyeva and Konstantin Lavronenko.

Alexandra Bortich in the film “What’s My Name.” Still from the film

The film received the main prize at the XI international film festival “Baltic Debuts” (Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region) and a special prize “For easy breathing and artistic integrity” at the XXV open Russian film festival “Kinotavr” (Sochi, Krasnodar region). The film was shown at the XX International Film Festival about human rights “Stalker” in Moscow and at the International Film Festival in San Sebastian (Spain).

Alexandra Bortich in the film "Duhless-2". Still from the film

Alexandra Bortich loudly announced herself already in the first film, so after the premiere she was showered with all sorts of offers. In 2015, the name of the young actress appeared in the credits of several interesting projects at once: “Duhless-2” with Danila Kozlovsky (the main role of Alena), “About Love” with Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Mashkov (the role of Sasha), the series “Shot” (the role of Nina Krutova), “The Elusive” and “The Elusive: The Last Hero” (the main role of Kira), the series “Lyudmila Gurchenko” (the role of Masha, Lucy’s daughter).

In the film “About Love,” Sasha was able to convey the image and character of a provincial girl who was trying to find her happiness and was ready to overcome any difficulties. A scandal erupted around the film even before its release. In addition to popular actors, representatives of modern subcultures were invited to play in the film, about which the actors later spoke disparagingly in interviews.

Alexandra Bortich in the film "The Elusive". Still from the film

2015 was a truly fruitful and successful year for the young actress. Once, journalists asked Bortich if she was afraid that the white stripe would be followed by a black one. Sasha gave a meaningful answer: “Nothing ever works out perfectly: there are always some minor troubles. But I had enough difficulties and dark streaks in my life; Maybe now everything is as it should be?

In 2021, Alexandra again received an invitation to star in several films: “Policeman from Rublevka”, where she played the sister of Grisha Izmailov (Alexander Petrov), the film “Viking” (the role of Rogneda), the series “Marry Pushkin” (the main role of Lena Sazonova ), “The Elusive: Bangkok” and “The Elusive: Jackpot”, the series “Jackal” (gang member Nyura Gorbatova).

Alexandra Bortich in the series “Policeman from Rublyovka.” Still from the series

The series “Marry Pushkin” showed the love story of a sensitive provincial Pushkin philologist and a glamorous metropolitan girl.

Also in 2021, Alexandra Bortich was busy filming the comedy series “Quartet,” in which Maxim Vitorgan’s daughter Polina and aspiring actress Tinatin Dalakishvili were involved. The plot of the series revolved around a young cellist from the capital who fled to the provinces.

Alexandra Bortich in the series "Quartet". Still from the series

In April 2021, the premiere of the comedy series “Philology Faculty” about three students of the “most female” faculty took place. One of them falls in love with Lena, Bortich's heroine. Despite the very explicit poster, there were no intimate scenes in the series. Advertising for Philology does not reflect the essence of the series, Sasha is sure. By the way, acting in the comedy “Philfak” was more difficult for Sasha than in the dramas she was more accustomed to. “I’m a drama queen, I love to suffer on camera. It’s harder to laugh than to cry,” says the actress.

Poster for the series “Philfak”

Also in 2021, pictures with Bortich were released: “About love. For adults only”, the series “You all piss me off” (the role of Sveta), “Burn!” (the role of Zhenya, Sysoeva’s daughter), the series “Alien Blood” (minor role of Anya), the mini-series “Torgsin” (Lida Sokolskaya), the series “Policeman from Rublyovka in Beskudnikovo”, the series “Favorites” (Alisa Mishina, main role) .

In the TV series “Favorites,” Alexandra played the role of an employee of a veterinary clinic, who is looked after by Mikhail Novikov (Mikhail Bashkatov), ​​a former doctor who lost his job and was forced to work as a veterinarian.

Alexandra Bortich in the series “Favorites”. Still from the series

The girl was also approved for the main role in the domestic science-fiction thriller “The Explorer” (2018). The main character, the girl Katya, has a mystical gift: she sees ghosts. When her twin sister goes missing, she sets out on her own to find her. The police insist that the sister does not exist at all, that she is a figment of Katya’s sick imagination. Together with Alexandra, Evgeniy Tsyganov starred in the film.

In 2021, several projects with Bortich’s participation were released, such as “Policeman from Rublyovka-3” and “Policeman from Rublyovka 3.2” (continuation of the series), “Policeman from Rublyovka. New Year's Mayhem" (film), series "Ordinary Woman" (role of Zhenya Krasnova).

The premiere of the series “An Ordinary Woman” took place on October 29, 2018 on the TV-3 channel. The final episode of the first season was broadcast on November 8, 2021. The series has been renewed for a second season. Its premiere is scheduled for TNT-PREMIER in 2021.

The plot centers on the story of a seemingly ordinary woman who leads a double life. In ordinary life, Marina (Anna Mikhalkova) is the wife of a surgeon, mother of two children and owner of a flower shop, and in her other life she is a pimp.

Alexandra Bortich in the series “Ordinary Woman”. Still from the series

In February 2021, the film “Mistresses” was released with Paulina Andreeva in the title role. Three ordinary Muscovites - a nurse, a student and an actress - meet by chance in a bar and find out that they have all just broken up with their men, who turned out to be tied by marriage. To begin with, the girls decide to take revenge on their exes. But when the goal is achieved, the friends come up with an idea: to help those like them, sisters in misfortune.

Also in 2021, the release of films with Alexandra Bortich is expected: “Billion” (with Vladimir Mashkov in the title role), the comedy “Slave” with Milos Bikovich and the series “Reflection of the Rainbow”.

How did Alexandra Bortich gain weight for her role in the film?

In an interview, Alexandra admitted that she was able to gain weight and then lose weight in a matter of months thanks to financial motivation. According to the contract, if she had not done this, Bortich would have faced a huge fine, and the filming would have been disrupted. As a result, she had no choice but to quickly gain weight a month and a half before filming, and then lose weight. Money is the strongest whip.

There are different ways to gain weight, but it is almost impossible to quickly gain weight in a healthy way, just like losing weight. Therefore, Bortich gained weight not in the healthiest way: she began to eat a lot of fast food.

Sasha gained weight by eating high-calorie foods - pizza, burgers and other fast food. In order for the arrow on the scale to creep up and not down, she had to eat constantly. In the first week it even seemed funny, but then it turned into a real nightmare. The food was quickly absorbed, and Bortich had to eat again immediately. Food, food, everything revolved around food. At some point, Sasha began to feel sick even from the smell of food.

With weight gain came health problems. Bortich herself says that this happened about halfway to the target weight. Everyday cheerfulness disappeared, it became harder to move, and when climbing several floors, shortness of breath appeared. The actress was helped not to become discouraged by all this by her beloved man and her parents, who supported her in everything. Thanks to this, Alexandra Bortich managed to gain weight by 76 kg and turn from a slender girl into a natural plump one.

Alexandra Bortich: in childhood she was friends with bikers

The movie star was born in Svetlogorsk, Belarus. Her parents separated when the girl was three years old.

After the divorce, Alexandra lived with her grandmother, and her mother lived in Moscow. When the future star was 10 years old, her mother remarried and took Sasha with her.

As a child, Alexandra was an active, cheerful girl. She enjoyed reading poetry to the assembled guests.

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She also played the saxophone. A gentle beauty with blue eyes was friends with bikers and listened to hard rock.

When I was in tenth grade, I went to a drama school with a friend. There she realized that this was her calling and she could no longer live without playing.

After school, I didn’t pass the theater competition and entered the pedagogical institute. Two months later she realized that it was not hers and took the documents.

This is how the most sought-after actress in the country came to be.

How did Alexandra Bortich lose weight during the film?

Alexandra Bortich also spoke about what it was like for her to lose weight. Rapid weight loss is no less harmful to health than rapid weight gain. At the same time, various difficulties arose every now and then. Remember the scene at the beginning of the film, where after dancing at a wedding the heroine pounces on Olivier salad, and her lover tries to say that he is leaving? The scene was filmed in several takes, and during this time Sasha had to eat a huge amount of salad, and it’s hard to do this in a state where you’re really sick from eating. But... art requires sacrifice, and Alexandra Bortich would not be a professional actress if she could not overcome this.

To lose weight, Sasha was given a 28-day break from filming. During this almost month, she had to lose at least 15 kg in order to look slim in the second half of the film. Now remember the doctors’ recommendations that proper weight loss is no more than 1-2 kg per week, and calculate how much Bortich lost per week? I sincerely hope that this rollercoaster of weight gain and loss did not affect the actress’s health.

This was a much more difficult period in Alexandra’s life than the time when she was gaining weight. The recipe for success is a strict diet, painful massage and a lot, a lot of exercise. During this time, Sasha broke down more than once, and only the support of her relatives and director Alexei Nazhny helped her finish filming. She lost 15 kg, and after the film she continues to return to her original weight, but in a more relaxed manner.

Alexandra Bortich: on the red carpet

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The premiere of the film “I’m Losing Weight” took place in Moscow. And Alexandra Bortich walked along the red carpet, showing everyone present her ideal figure, as proof that she was able to regain her weight. Some noticed that the actress is even thinner than she was before filming.

In the film, the main character Anya has two great loves in her life. This is food and the handsome athlete Zhenya, the girl’s fiancé.

Then Zhenya leaves his fiancée because of her excess weight. The main character decides not to give up and lose weight.

For the comedy director, excess weight was once a sore subject. Alexey Nuzhny also lost weight and lost 28 kilograms.

But what if I also want to gain weight, like Bortich?

In my opinion, Sasha’s situation is not the best example to follow. There are a few things to consider here.

Firstly, Bortich needed to look unhealthy at the beginning of the film, and she looked that way. Excess weight due to huge portions of fast food - this was exactly the problem of Anya, the main character. Except that the movie Anya gained this weight over the course of several years, and Bortich, who plays her, gained weight in a month and a half. And the Bortich diet is not suitable for you if you want to maintain health and the ability to live a normal, active life.

Secondly, in terms of physique, Bortich is far from skinny. As a child, she was a plump girl, and her ideal “adult” shape is the result of sports and diets. Accordingly, if you initially have a thin physique and are not inclined to be overweight, then you will not be able to gain weight quickly even at fast food.

The key word here is “fast”. If you want to quickly lose weight, or quickly, like Bortich, gain weight, then do not expect quick results. If you are ready to wait and work on yourself, then gradually you will achieve your goal.

Former husband of Sasha Bortich

The first, and to date only, husband of the famous actress turned out to be rapper Vyacheslav Vorontsov, popular among young people, also known under the pseudonym Mezza. Since 2007, he has been making music and actively performing on stage.

Sasha Bortich and Vyacheslav Vorontsov

He repeatedly worked on his projects with famous pop personalities, including Ptah, L'One, Legalize, Alexander Zhvakin and Timati. His most expensive album was bought for 250 thousand rubles.

How to gain weight?

I wrote about how to gain weight in the article Is it possible for a thin person to gain weight and how to do it?, and in the near future I plan to publish several more more detailed articles on this topic.

In short, you can gain weight from fat, but in the end you are unlikely to like the result. Since you want to lose weight, I can assume that this does not mean that you want a protruding belly and folds on the sides. You want a more harmonious figure. A harmonious figure is achieved through muscle mass, not fat. And muscles come from eating natural foods with plenty of proteins and healthy fats, as well as training. In general, read the article about weight gain on this site.

I hope the story about how Alexandra Bortich gained weight and lost weight in a few months was interesting for you. Good health to you!

PS And the film is really great

Alexandra Bortich (+20 kg)

Because of the new role, the actress almost lost her health.

To film the film “I’m Losing Weight,” Alexandra Bortich had to rapidly gain weight. In a few months, she gained 20 kilograms, and after completing the film project, she immediately lost them. Colleagues and fans of the actress call this act heroic - in recent years, few people from the world of Russian cinema have decided to sacrifice beauty and health for a new role.

As Bortich herself said, she was unable to see the cherished number on the scales for a very long time. The body resisted weight gain and was stuck at one point.

All the efforts made did not give the desired results. The weight remained the same and could not exceed 70 kilograms. Sasha tried everything: professional high-calorie nutrition, flour, sweets, but nothing helped.

According to the film's script, the plump heroine Bortich had to lose weight for the sake of her lover. Therefore, Sasha had to rapidly lose weight during filming to the original weight. According to the actress, the weight changes did not affect her health at all. Now she feels great, but she is unlikely to dare to do this again.


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